Our Engineering Services

Main focus

Software based development of optical and illumination systems from concept studies to the virtual prototype and beyond.
Analysis of optical systems, particularly stray light and light scattering analysis with ASAP and other tools.
Software development for optical instrumentation, for example sensor systems for light scattering.

Simuloptics GmbH builds on the year-long experience of the two physicists Dr. Bernhard Michel and Eberhard Lange. In combination with the almost universial applicability of optical software this experience is reflected in a rich variety of optical engineering tasks accomplished in the last years. Here is a selection:

Optical instrumentation

Design of a laser diffraction particle analyzer that measures both particle sizes and shapes simultaneously
Simulation and analysis of a confocal microscope with microlens arrays


Software for fluorescence lifetime imaging
Optimization of an optical immuno-assay based on surface plasmon resonances
Modeling light diffusion in tablets

Stray light analysis

Stray light analysis of various lens systems


Modeling and analysis of the atmospheric light scattering for the laser guide star system of the European Southern Observatories ESO
Modeling of light extraction from optical semiconductors

Lighting technology

Optimization of a projection headlamp for the automotive industry
LED optic for homogeneous wall illumination
Light guide design
Fresnel lenses for various illumination tasks
Compact freeform reflectors for homogeneous illumination of surfaces
Lens optics for architectural lighting
Prism plate for glare reduction of a luminaire
Glare reduction of a desk lamp
Free form LED lamp for the automotive industry

Display technology

Simulation software for LCDs taking into account light scattering
Homogeneous illumination of a backlight using white dots
Large-scale backlight using fluorescent tubes

Light scattering general

Simulation of light scattering and absorption in powder
Modeling white LEDs

Coherent optics

Diffraction from microlens arrays
Shearing interferometer
Analysis of laser collimators

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